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Project Description 7:

Issuer:                                            to be announced
Format:                                         Murabaha
Minimum Denomination:        USD 250’000
Rating:                                           A+


Level of risk


Upside Opportunity

Asset Type

Profit rate


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Project Description 6

Yield Enhancement (cps memory) + Participation 

Project Description 5

Enhanced Cash Enhancement Strategy

Project Description 4:

Biotechnology Growth Opportunity II

Capital Gain


Product Type

Time Horizon


Asset Classe



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Project Description 2:

Photovoltaic project

The energy transition is moving fast and a good number of public utilities are lacking access to clean energy sources. This USD 200 million project (4km2 of solar panels) has an IRR in excess of 12 % p.a. during a life time of 25 years.

Project Description 1:

Apartment House, Boulevard Haussmann, Paris

  • Floor space: 846m2 / 10 rooms
  • Recently refurbished
  • Fitness and interior pool
  • Garden: 1’000m2
  • Private parking plus guest house
  • Price range: +/-USD 25m

Required capital base: USD 4 million

Arrangement: Purchase can be facilitated via SPV and ULI policy.