Who We Are

Our mission at iX-7 Asset Management SA is to maintain and grow your assets, outperforming the market while minimizing risk. We do this by combining the latest technology with in-depth investment experience and know-how. We deliver high performance via a conservative asset management approach that takes advantage of technology’s speed and precision, while still keeping the human touch.

About Us

iX-7 Asset Management SA was founded in 2011 by independent asset manager Christophe Schmid in Nyon, Switzerland. The company specializes as an active equity manager; in particular, it centers investment expertise and know-how on companies with a strong exposure to the 4th industrial revolution and new technologies.

We strongly believe in the benefits of artificial intelligence and the systematic analysis of data and information. At iX-7 Asset Management SA, our asset management strategy benefits from the cross-pollination of personal skills, know-how and competences, as well as the latest information technologies.


We are a Swiss-based independent asset management company with our own tailor-made IT infrastructure. Our strategies are actively managed and are aimed at creating ALPHA. Our investment decision-making process works outside of any kind of conflicts of interest; the facts and figures analyzed translate directly into your preferred investment strategy.


If you are looking for an actively managed equity investment solution, we have the expertise. The indexation of your investments no longer deserves your attention; these strategies are outdated and have become highly risky. In contrast, our expertise results in a conservative portfolio set-up, based on the evolution of the fundamentals of the companies we invest in, top-down figures, and geopolitical and macroeconomic aspects.


Our mission is to manage and grow your assets. To do so, we have selected different service providers with careful due diligence. Your agreed-upon strategy is monitored continuously on your behalf, with every tool and means available to us.


Performance achievement is at the heart of our goals. We aim at creating outperformance (Alpha), while maintaining risk within highly conservative parameters.

Our Experience and Knowledge = Your Success

Meet our Management Team: Setting the pace for innovation and performance.

Christoph A. SCHMID


Head of Sales

Lead Developer

To ensure continuity and prosperity, the company has a number of key service providers.

Depository Banks:

  • ADCB, Abu Dhabi
  • FAB, Abu Dhabi
  • Mashreq, Dubai
  • Bank Vontobel, Zuerich
  • CMB Monaco


  • Barclays Bank, London
  • BCV, Lausanne
  • BNP-Paribas, Paris
  • JPM-Chase, London
  • Leonteq, Zurich
  • Natixis, Paris,
  • Société Générale, Paris
  • ZKB, Zurich

3rd Service Providers

  • Capex (Forex)
  • AlTamimi, Real Estate (rent, relocations)
  • Charles Monat Associates Ltd (Life Insurance)