iX-7 Asset Management SA FAQs

What is iX-7 Asset Management SA and how does it work?

iX-7 Asset Management SA is the leading Swiss digital investing platform.

Our mission at iX-7 Asset Management SA is to maintain and grow your assets, outperforming the market while minimizing risk. We do this by combining the latest technology with in-depth investment experience and know-how. We deliver high performance via a conservative asset management approach that takes advantage of technology’s speed and precision, while still keeping the human touch.

iX-7 Asset Management SA combines machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep analysis to analyze companies. You get access to 36 base allocations with iX-7 Asset Management SA’ fast track process, or you can craft your own tailor-made asset allocation with the AI-assisted iX-7 Asset Management SA ChatBot process.

How do I get started?
Click here to get started with our Fast Track Investment Process. Or, if you wish to custom design your own asset allocation, use our ChatBot process on the same page.
Is iX-7 Asset Management SA regulated? If so, by whom?

iX-7 Asset Management SA is subject to regulation by OAR-G, a self-regulatory organization (SRO) operating on delegation by the Swiss Financial Authorities (FINMA).

Where will my assets be safekept?
Our main depositary banks are Banque Vontobel AG, Geneva/Zuerich, and Julius Baer Group, Zuerich. For self-directed services, please refer to your own arrangement.
What do you offer and how much does it cost?
Please see below for a list of products and their associated fees:

  1. Subscription-based services:
    For a fee scheduled for subscription-based services, please click here.
  2. One-off tailor-made solutions:
    For recommendations up to the equivalent of CHF 750k, one-off recommendation are free of charge
    For recommendation over the equivalent of CHF 750k, the price charge will depend on the nature of the recommendation (income, conservative, balanced, dynamic, growth), the number of lines included, and the velocity (upside potential and occurrence probability) of the companies/products included.
  3. Bespoken mandates
    Subject to amount and style
How do I get live support?

iX-7 Asset Management SA combines a factor model with the benefits of artificial intelligence. Our AI ChatBot will help you create a personalized portfolio and custom asset allocation that aligns with your unique objectives.

For any inquiries that may arise related to the servicing of your account, please contact us here for support and we’ll be back to you promptly.

How will I receive reporting on my investments?
PLACITUM is our cutting edge interactive web application. It is a drag and drop system that will allow you to monitor and control your equities and trades with ease and efficiency.

PLACITUM offers:

  • Guidance for your stock selection process
  • Creation of your own workspace
  • Increased investment efficiency and knowledge
  • Customized alerts, so you know when to buy and sell

PLACITUM’s dashboard is easy to use, empowering you with complete autonomy and decision-making support.