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In addition to our own products, we offer products of other specialized asset managers in partnership with them. Altogether, we are able to produce and offer a well-balanced investment approach. Up to you to choose to benefit from our expertise!

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Swiss Quality n/a Digital Age
Transformation II
European Credit
– iTraxx s32
Capital Protected Note
“Market Neutral”
The objective of this strategy is to provide Investors with a steady flow of income from a combination of high quality Swiss stock. This is a product with a conditional capital guarantee, providing investors a monthly coupon of 0.625% (7.5% p.a.). This product is callable quarterly by the issuer.
This strategy focuses on companies where digitalization is reshaping the economy. Rapid changes are to occur in a number of subsectors. Disruptors have a global vision for how digitalization will reshape the business. Digital companies, particularly those related to a) customer engagement, b) creating better value for customers, and c) reshaping the route to market, are using digital tools such as e-commerce, AI/AR/VR, and in-depth knowledge as trends evolve quickly and abruptly.
This product takes advantage of the launch of the European Recovery Fund. Reasoning: The program and several other initiatives are industry supportive by a €130 bn tax cut package, spending and support for businesses spree, and a €50 bn “Green Marshall Plan” to overhaul and reinvigorate the currently diminished “green-orientated” industrial activity. The main beneficiaries of these programs are major companies; their credit stability is now at much higher levels than in the past. This product, with a remaining 4 ½ years, has a potential compounded return of 6% per annum.
In essence this is a business cycle play! Late cycle and Recession stock versus early cycle companies. The underlying portfolio favors early cycle sectors such as Industrials and Consumer Discretionaries, while we are less positive on Real Estate related companies. Or expressed differently, old versus new economy – the strategy is truly benefiting from the increasing of the gauge. The basket composition remains unchanged during the lifetime of the product.
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