The Swiss Quality Opportunity

Investing can be a great way to achieve your individual goals. To see your capital grow, you want to invest in first-class companies. That is where you will get a greater return on your investments over time.

Here is an example that provides you with more power in the future.

Product Risk Profile
Product Details
Standard Low Strike Barrier Reverse Convertible on high quality Swiss Stocks Nestlé, Novartis, and Roche, Conditional capital guarantee: 35 % (Barrier 65 %)
Barrier: 65 % (European version),
Duration: 24 months,
Early termination: First observation after 6months, thereafter decreasing by 1 % on a monthly, starting at 97 %
Coupon Feature: Memory
Low Strike at 65 %, if each equity is at or above Low Strike level, the investor will be redeemed 100 % of the investment amount; else: the payout will be linked to the worst performing equity from 65 %.
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