Consistency + Stability + Integrity = Performance

Based on your unique needs and risk tolerance, we customize tailor-made portfolios composed of individual securities.

Our conservative investment philosophy focuses on companies which engage in leading secular growth trends and display a proven track record of growth and value generation for investors.

No two portfolios are exactly alike. In addition, our investment philosophy is forward looking and has matched the major economic events. It is for this reason that our track record is outstanding.

Making profitable investment decisions

Our reference portfolio (USD Balanced) has generated a performance level of 13.1% YTD, outperforming the benchmark by 4.32%! This portfolio focuses on a two secular trends:

Fixed Income:

The fixed income portion of the portfolio focuses on European Investment Grade vehicles delivering coupons of 3.5% p.a. and with an additional upside of 17% (over a 4,5 year period). Additional, we are keen on fixed income vehicles issued by oil service companies. There, on the back of better FCF, we expect a credit score improvement which should drive bond prices.  

Equity Exposure:

Utilizing our conservative investment philosophy, we engage with financially stable companies exposed to Economy 4.0. This gives investors the potential for regular outperformance, coupled with a level of risk in line with the market.